Minecraft Hunger Games by ClutchCityChris3c


Hey guys I just wanna show you guys a video made by my good friend Chris. Chris is a youtuber who is having fun of what he’s doing. He recorded this Hunger Games video. Please give Chris support. He’s just reached his 1000 sub mark and he really deserves it. So go check him out and subscribe to the city. I know I did XD


Shadow plays Mirrors Edge


Hey what’s up guys Kid1lego here and I just want to bring you guys one of my old videos on YouTube. It’s just me playing a game called mirrors edge. If you guys love free running or PARKOR this video is for you. Also just wanna say that some times ill have videos posted here and not my channel but for now, these videos can also be found in my channel. Anyways guys, subscribe and enjoy the footage!

Minecraft Minigame BUILD IT


Hey guys Shadow here and I promise you guys some minecraft pc videos and after a long time of filming,editing, and uploading I bring you guys a minecraft pc edition video! I was playing a mulitplayer serer and was playing a Minigame called build it. What build it is is that one person is in the arena and has creative mode and has to build whatever is in the chat. The other players have to type in the chat and guess what the person is building and they keep on scoring until everyone has a chance to build. The creators of this server has a very popular channel. Some of you guys may have heard them but if you haven’t check them out their youtube channel is called itsJerryandHarry http://m.youtube.com/user/ItsJerryAndHarry
Also check out the server it’s really fun and you just don’t have to play build it but a bunch of other mini games.

TeamWork- Minecraft Animation


Hey guys before you start putting down comments about this awesome animation I just want to say that this wasn’t made by me. This was made by my good friend Kenny. If you liked this animation please give Kenny some support by subscribing to his youtube channel at http://m.youtube.com/#/channel/UCB9eao-DNpiYuHZx-5H4dHA. This animation is baisacally himself and 3 of his friends( yes I’m one of them) fighting a bunch of minecraft mobs. Also check out the other guys Chrishttp://m.youtube.com/user/ClutchCityChris3C
Josh http://m.youtube.com/#/user/JustJumpJosh?&desktop_uri=%2Fuser%2FJustJumpJosh

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Minigame Spleef!

Hey guys Shadow here and I am back with another Episode. Today I am playing another minigame called spleef. This is a very popular minigame on the PC edition of minecraft which I will be posting some videos soon! Spleef is baisacally a bunch of players who have shovels and enter an arena with snow blocks covering the ground.And beneath the snow is hot firey LAVA! What you have to do is shovel the blocks away so your opponents will fall to their DOOM! Be aware that You can not beat eachother in the face with your shovels.Especially no killing. This was a really fun game and a lot of ownage. People do cheat but heres a hint in the episode.CHEATERS DONT WIN! Pretty obvious but anyways go on over to my youtube channel and if you like the gameplay and commentary, feel free to like my videos, and Comment about them, And also, SUBSCRIBE. This is Shadow signing off!

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Minigame The Pit

Hey guys this i kid1lego, or Shadow Kid or SHDW, whatever you choose.I personally love all of em! For this episode I will be playing a minigam called the pit. The pit is a game where you have diamond armor and some weapons as well as some food.The pit contains silverfish stone and everyone has to break them to spawn in silverfish. Eventually zombies, skeletons, and creepers can fall in the pit so thats why we have the diamond armor. Our goal is to reach the bedrock level.We can call in support with snow golems and such.We are not allowed to kill eachother.If you guys like what you see and you want more gameplay from me. You guys can fly on over tomy youtube channel.Subscribe and Enjoy the Episode!

Shadow Kid Plays Mirrors Edge Xbox Edition

Paste a Video URL

Yoo what’s up guys Shadow here and today I will be bringing you a video of me on high skyscrapers and I will be doing a running style called PARKOUR!!! If you love parkour this is a website for you. This is also a YouTube channel for you if you watch my videos on YouTube. In case you don’t know my youtube account it is kid1lego. If you came here because you heard of my website from my channel.. Keep on liking my vids rate them, post a BUNCH of comments, and also click that subscribe button. Every time I get one sub, I go CRAZY! Like Bashurverse crazy and I love a new edition to my cup kale killer sand keep on killing those cupcakes!